EPASS is the acronym for "Electronic Portfolio and Assessment Support System". It is developed by Maastricht University in collaboration with Mateum to support competency-based education and training programmes. ePASS offers learners (students, residents, medical specialists, general practitioners and other health professionals) an electronic portfolio to monitor and provide evidence of their learning and competency development. The mission of ePASS is to provide a conveniently arranged, reliable and safe electronic portfolio to support the learning of health professionals.

EPASS is a generic system that can be adapted to the specific requirements and features of any medical profession. It can be extended to other fields and sectors, such as HRM and higher education in general.



EPASS currently supplies electronic portfolios for:


Scheduled maintaince will be performed on Friday 31st oktober. During this time the EPASS service will be intermittant. Furthermore between 15:00h and 17:30h GMT+1 EPASS will be unreachable for some time.


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EPASS is used within the WATCHME project


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