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Technical innovation

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Assessment of learning

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Facilitate and improve learning and assessment processes

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EPASS: Competency based education

We believe that every professional has the right to continuous professional development, to lifelong learning. It is our remit to facilitate and improve learning and assessment processes by linking technical expertise and scientific knowledge up with daily practice. This allows us to achieve our primary goal: giving professionals the opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities.

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EPASS can be applied in various educations contexts by different users, each having a personal goal. Through short clips, you can discover the use of EPASS in different environments.

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EPASS is used within the WATCHME project.

For more information about this project go to www.project-watchme.eu

Latest news

Possibility to export portfolio

An export functionality is now available for residents. This allows to create an export of the data in their portfolio (e.g. forms and attachments) easily and quickly. In the near future, the functionality will be extended to include ...

Interactive norm overview

The norm overview, that is used to monitor the progress towards predetermined quantitative norms during the education, is improved. Clicking a norm presents all data in the portfolio that contribute to the realization of the respective ...

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