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Accreditation and policy

Next to the benefits to the learning process of professional, collecting data in an electronic portfoliosystem also provides insides for educational institutes. During a accreditation, a selection of portfolios can be viewed. Furthermore, plenty management information modules are available, for example to observe the number of assessments within a educational department, exam results, etc. Every institute receives a custom-made set of management information options. Rights to view this information are carefully set, to guarantee the integrity and privacy of the learning professionals. If professionals are required to hand in papers and store them in their portfolio, a coordination may use an export that can be imported in Safe- assign (BlackBloard) for plagiarism checks.

The safety of data from professionals and their assessors are of great importance to EPASS. We strive towards a high level of safety of our connection (Security Socket Layer; SSL), the servers, code and database. An external security officer (Gilbert van Zeijl) advices the EPASS team on safety and security issues.